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integrating systems Ulisses
integrating systems

Building Installations Integrating System Ulisses

The aim of modern security systems is to fully protect a building including intruder (burglary) alarm systems, fire signalling (alarm) systems, early smoke detection, access control, CCTV, sound reinforcement and other related or auxiliary systems.

The Building Installations Integrating System ULISSES has been created owing to the analysis of clients needs such as banks, military units and other medium or large public utility premises, which because of their functions and size require constant supervision over safety and accuracy of particular systems operation.
One of the advantages of the system is its uniformed interface of visualization and storage (archiving) for inflowing incidents from all systems being integrated that presents the status of each system in a legible way. The CCTV video is stored on HDD and in case of need is transferred to the appropriate alarm terminals.

An essential feature of the system is its dispersed logic, owing to which far higher level of security and reliability has been gained through locating managing elements along with executive ones. Thank to this, the system can remain in operation also after stopping the system's server or other managing elements of the system, without losing any incidents from the integrated systems.
The tasks of ULISSES system:

  • integration and cooperation of building technical protection systems ( Intruder Alarm System, Fire Alarm, access control and CCTV)
  • CCTV monitoring with transfer of video to terminals and a posibility of remote control
  • displaying and archiving of incidents from Intruder Alarm System, Fire Alarm and access control along with a localization of incidents on the plans of the premises, sound and text signalling and the interaction of CCTV.
  • providing sound information and full instructions in the case of a specific incident ocurrence, along with the delivery of information referring to the protected areas.
  • legible presentation of protected premises and the status of particular areas along with hierarchical structure.
  • simple and quick access to the history of incidents, integrated with CCTV video recording
  • possibility of defining the interaction (response) of CCTV system to incidents from other systems (automatic switch-over of cameras to the sites of incidents e.g. alarms)
  • monitoring technical condition of the integrated systems devices
  • controlling building automation


  • single control center, optional teminals with functionality of monitoring stands and access control management.
  • uniformed and contextual presentation of information about incidents, independent of system type and the kind of devices.
  • simple and intuitive user's interface to control incidents, manage and configure the system
  • system operation support and the automation of operator's tasks
  • presentation of incidents history in the form of interconected incidents (including video records from CCTV cameras)
  • simultaneous cooperation with many alarm and access control terminals presentation of the whole system status and its particular parts in a graphic form


The integration of security systems in order to monitor them and to supervise their correct operation, used mainly in banks, military premises, large and medium sized public utility buildings.
Selected elements of the system's operation interaction to incidents:

Interaction directed towards operator:

1. Incident with full description and its precise localization (incident archiving)
2. Presentation of localization on the premises plans (any level of details)
3. Setting the camera to the incidents location (video archiving)
4. Displaying instructions for the incident / location
5. sound information

The system's interaction:

  • Sending incidents to terminals
  • Industrial automation control (lifts, lighting, other)
  • Access control management

Standards, approvals, certificates:

  • certificate of qualification no. 106/02 issued by TECHOM for Integrating Control Center ULISSES qualifying it to class S (PN-93/E-08390-14),
  • prize in the contest organized by POLALARM Polish Champion in Alarm Technogy 2001 in the category the Integrated Systems of Threat Signalling.

The most important realizations:

Integrated System in Państwowy Urząd Nadzoru Ubezpieczeń (National Office for Insurance Supervision)